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United States Martial Arts Association

Welcome to the USMAA Website

The United States Martial Arts Association (USMAA) was created by Philip Porter in 1995. O-Sensei Porter continued to be the cornerstone of the association until August, 2011. The USMAA continues in the same spirit as outlined by O-Sensei Porter. The Board of Directors continue to be unpaid volunteers. The newly formed Martial Arts Style and Regional Directors are also volunteers. The leaders of the association are dedicated martial artists who have incorporated the principles of Budo into their lives. The association is accepting of all martial arts styles, advocates fair and equitable ranks, and continues to provide the best training and leadership available. The association is a non-profit corporation.

All association members should become familiar with the recent transitions and re-organization of the association. The leadership is working diligently to keep the members informed. This website is a natural forum providing the medium for the association leaders to present the membership with updated news, the re-organization of the leadership boards, and contact information. The Directors Page was developed to augment the News & Events page as a primary source of re-organization updates.

Please take the time to explore the various pages and respond to requests for information from the leadership team. A primary benefit to the membership are the seminars and training camps organized through the association. Your participation with the leadership team allows all of us to grow and develop our martial arts knowledge and skills. The leadership team is comprised of active members of the association. Every club and every member is important to the association. The benefits you receive are only limited by your participation. Check often for new association training opportunities. All the directors are available by e-mail which can be accessed through the Directors Page.

Recent Information and Announcements

Annual National Seminar - July 2015 - Details Below!!

New Executive Director
As of January 2015 Michael Makoid will be relinquishing his responsibilities as Executive Director, with Louise Herschel taking over with immediate effect. I hope you will join us in thanking Sensei Makoid for all his hard work in this role, and in wishing Sensei Herschel good luck with her new position.

National Seminar
The 2015 National Training Camp is being sponsored by Katamedo Jujitsu and St Louis Tae Kwon Do Academy, and is being hosted in St Louis, Missouri, July 9th - 11th.

Join us for three full days of unrivaled martial arts training including: Law Enforcement, Aikido, Judo, TKD, Karate, Jujitsu and MMA from a host of champions and masters. All martial artists are welcome at any level. Do not miss this exceptional experience! Black Belt testing by a board of examiners will also be available.

Pricing: $150 for all three days, or $75 per day.

Check out the 2015 National Seminar web page.

Message from the USMAA President
Mike Makoid has written a message explaining the recent transition and the State of the Association.

The New USMAA Organization
The Executive Director has created several documents defining the Expanded Boards and Directorships available on the Boards and Directors Page. Be sure to take a look.

New USMAA Directors Page
Several directors have recently posted information that directly affects the members that fall within the focus of the directorship. Each member should take the time to review the Style and Regional Directors postings. Below are a few links to new information that should be of interest to you.

•  If you are a practitioner of Karate please read the Recent Message from the Karate-Do Director.

•  If you have an interest in Karate promotion criteria please read the New Message from the    Karate-Do Examiners Board.

USMAA Rank Standards
Have a look at the newly Published Guidelines for all Promotions.

We have uploaded photos from O-Sensei Porter's Summer Tour 2010.
To view the album [click here].

Mission Statement

The Mission of the USMAA is to unify American Martial Arts in spirit by offering services and guidance to all Martial Artists and to educate the general public in the Spirit of Budo. With more than 10,000 members, the USMAA is the center of American Martial Arts. It is the only organization devoted to all Martial Arts without exception. We are the rallying point for all leaders, whatever their arts, who are devoted to the true spirit of Budo.

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In Memoriam
~ O-Sensei Philip S. Porter ~
November 17th,1924 – August 7, 2011

We are sad to report the death of our founder, Philip S.Porter, who passed away on
August 7th, 2011 of cancer. O-Sensei Porter is considered by many "The Father of American Judo".
O-Sensei founded the USMA, helped found the USJA, served as a Chairman of the AAU Judo
Committee, Chairman of the U.S. Olympic Judo Committee, Secretary General of the Pan American
Judo Union, and produced more than 1,000 national and international medalists in Judo over the past
50 years, 500 of them during the eight years he coached the National Judo Team.

Phil Porter graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point in 1948, and served
in the U.S. Army and Air Force for 25 years, retiring as a Major in 1967.

Phil will be greatly missed by his family and friends,
and his legacy to the American Martial Arts will never disappear.

A celebration of life was held Friday, August 26th,
at the US Military Academy West Point, NY10996 at 1:30PM

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We have a new webmaster that is an association member providing technical support to the association leadership team. You are welcome to contact the webmaster regarding updates, announcements, and requests associated with the website.


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