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The USMAA Annual Training Camp 2012

This is the first USMAA Training Camp offering training with so many Style Directors, Region Directors, and the Board of Governors. The number of senior martial artists from multiple martial arts styles converging to share such a wealth of knowledge is a rare event. It took many years to build today's USMAA Leadership Team resulting in what may be a once in a lifetime event.

The opportunity to train with martial arts masters and grandmasters from such varied backgrounds and styles is unprecedented. The USMAA Board of Governors, Martial Arts Style Directors, Board Members, and Regional Directors from all over the North American Continent will be converging to teach. It is rare that you have the opportunity to train with so many 6th through 10th degree black belts sharing hundreds of years of knowledge and experience.

Someday when people talk about the North American Meeting of the Masters you can say, "I was there!"

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Best Western Plus Executive Court Inn
13500 S. Willow St.
Manchester, NH, 13103

Wednesday, August 8th 9AM - 7PM
Thursday, August 9th 9AM - 7PM
Friday, August 10th 9AM - 4PM
Saturday, August 11th 9AM - 2PM

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Training Camp Cost
Total Camp $175, Per Day $50

Reserve your space today for this special event. The online reservation site is available now. Click this link On Line Registration Site to reserve a space at the training camp.

Note: if you have problems editing the membership form please print and bring it to the camp.

Click this link Training Camp Schedule to view the date, time, teacher, and classes.

Training Options
•  Goju, Kyokushin, Kenpo, Shinsotsu, Shotokan
•  Ko Tai Shin Ryu, Shorinji Ki Do, Ki Survival System
•  Kitsune Ryu Bujitsu, Kinsetsu Jujitsu, Aikido
•  Judo, Jujitsu, Dynamic Throwing, Pankration
•  Iaido, Bo and Jo, Modern Arnis, Knife Defense
•  Law Enforcement, MMA, Self Defense, Kickboxing
•  Referee/Officials Karate Tournament Clinic
•  Testing: Sandan and below (Thursday Evening) & Yondan and above (Saturday)

The hotel is 10 minutes from the Manchester Airport. Shuttle service is available to and from the airport. When making reservations at the hotel mention that you're attending the USMAA Training Camp. Standard room fee is $99.99. Room Service and Dining is available at the hotel. Several restaurants within walking distance and many accessible by taxi service.

Contact Information:
White River Budokan website www.budokai.us
Phone: (802) 295-5425


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