USMA International Hall of Fame

2001 Inductees

Masaaki Hatsumi Lifetime Achievement Award:

Masaaki Hatsumi was born in Noda City (Japan) in 1931, he graduated from Meiji University in Tokyo with a major in theater studies before becoming the director of his own chiropractic clinic.  In the 1950'2 and 1960's Dr. Hatsumi continuously traveled across Japan to study with Toshitsugu Takamatsu from whom he received his initiation into the life ways of the ninja.  Today, he is 34th Soke of Togakure Ryu Ninjitsu and supervises the Bushinkan organization.

Michael Talkington Courage & Character Award:

Michael Talkington's wife Sandra, will be accepting his award tonight.  Mike's life recently ended after a third bout with cancer.  For the last years of his existence, the martial arts gave him a focus for his honor, courage, obligation and sense of justice.  He held a 7th Degree black belt in Judo, a 6th Degree in Jujitsu and a 1st Degree in Taekwondo.  As a martial artist, Mike was an example of truthfulness, courtesy, restraint, loyalty and service.  It was his deep love for the martial arts and never-ending search for improvement which serves as inspiration to all of us.

America's Foremost Wrestler:

Lou Thesz began his study of Wrestling in 1924 at the age of 18 and won the World Professional Wrestling Championships 6 times between 1937 and 1957.  In spite of a hip replacement, he was still wrestling in his 70's.  Today, informed martial artists around the world know him as the greatest wrestler of all time.

America's Karate Legend:

Bill "Superfoot" Wallace began his martial arts career in the 1960's.  Having practiced Judo, Karate, Kickboxing and Jujitsu, and retiring from professional competition as world champion with a 24-0 record, "Superfoot" is one of the most talented and well-rounded martial artists of all time.  Despite a hip replacement that would have ended the career of lesser men, Bill remains very active and continues to teach martial arts seminars around the world.


Charles Owens:  Master Instructor of the Year

Tim Schoenberg:  Law Enforcement Instructor

Shakir Gushgari:  Master
Thom Howdeshell:  Master Instructor
Ronald Marek:  Grandmaster of the Year
Jeffrey Prather:  Sr. Master Instructor of the Year

Jack Groves:  Martial Arts School Owner of the Year

Kris Adrian:  Master Instructor
Brent Ellison:  Instructor of the Year
Jack Carter:  Founder, Carter's Meridian Therapy
T.R. Crimi:  Founder of the Year
Daniel W. Galbreath:  Master Instructor
Atsushi Ikemoto:  National Judo Coach of the Year
Wally Jay:  Most Distinguished Grandmaster
Kay A. Keenan:  Female Law Enforcement Instructor
Ronald W. Krupa:  Master
Robert Holt Meyer:  Grandmaster
Daniel G. Shelton:  Humanitarian
Craig Smith:  Martial Artist of the Year
Eddie Afyoni:  Instructor of the Year
Demetrios Arapkiles:  Instructor of the Year
David Cox:  Golden Life Award
Sheldon Marr:  Jujitsu Instructor of the Year

Amy L. Cerny:  Female Instructor of the Year
Richard N. Paolino:  Instructor of the Year
Kenny Vasquez:  Master Instructor

Jeffrey Badovick:  Instructor
Andreas Mandelos:  Instructor of the Year
Richard McNeer:  Instructor
Dusty Moore II:  Golden Life Award
Michael Ramos:  Founder of the Year
R. Shane Rogers:  Instructor of the Year
Frank Sanchez:  Most Distinguished Grandmaster
Jeff Santella:  Law Enforcement Instructor
Jack Stern:  Grandmaster of the Year
Kenneth D. Strickler:  Man of the Year
John F. Unruh:  Humanitarian
Matthew Walker:  Instructor

Robert Indech:  Instructor of the Year

Enver O. Advich:  Silver Life Award
Arthur Jay Beier:  Golden Life Award
Harry Breighner:  Silver Life Award
Ray Couch III:  Man of the Year
William Gibson:  Instructor of the Year
Michael T. Kleppin:  International Instructor of the Year
Herbert Parsons:  Master Instructor
Raymond J. Pohl:  Instructor of the Year
Steve Silvey:  Grandmaster
John "Bosco" Waldrop:  Instructor of the Year
Mickey Wittekiend:  Master

Ralph Buschbacher:  Master Instructor of the Year
William O. Higginbotham:  Master Instructor of the Year
William Homann:  Master Instructor of the Year
Jason Hunt:  Founder of the Year
Donald W. Johns:  Silver Life Award
Robert F. Johnson, Sr.:  Grandmaster of the Year
Jim Snowberger:  Instructor of the Year

Shane Anderson:  Instructor of the Year
Philip T. Dickey:  Master Instructor
Ron Mullenger:  Instructor
Steven Wayne Selzer:  Instructor

Barlon Lundgren:  Master Instructor

David T. Bish:  Master Instructor of the Year
Tommy Lee:  Martial Arts Businessman of the Year
Phillip Legare:  Senior Master Instructor of the Year
Julio Zarate:  Silver Life Award

Richard Brown:  Master
Alan Cunningham:  Master
Santos Hernandez:  Sr. Law Enforcement Instructor
Scott J. Nelson:  Instructor

Darwin E. Banister:  Law Enforcement Instructor
Lucio Farias:  Master Instructor
Michael L. Hardenburgh:  Instructor
Douglas Wells:  Master

Glenn D. Negen:  Law Enforcement Instructor
Brice J. Wilkenson III:  Instructor of the Year

Ron D. White:  Instructor of the Year
Wayne Carman:  Grandmaster of the Year
Tammy Hord:  Female Black Belt Instructor
Gary Jameson:  Master Instructor of the Year
William T. Jeffries:  Founder of the Year
Rodrigo Vaghi:  Instructor of the Year
Kurt Jason Valdez:  Martial Artist of the Year

Christopher T. Kunkel:  Instructor
Hillard Nero:  Silver Life Award

Brad Boudreau:  Instructor of the Year
Robert Lee Jones:  Martial Arts Author of the Year
Ronald McDowell:  Martial Arts Pioneer
Mark Shuey, Sr.:  Grandmaster
Joe Tagle:  Instructor of the Year

New Hampshire:
William Chestnut:  Master Instructor

New Jersey:
Julian D. Nevetsky:  Instructor
Jose Luis TorresII:  Law Enforcement Instructor
Quoc Lien Tran:  Founder

New Mexico:
Jesse Lucero Sr.:  Instructor
Brad Woolard:  Instructor of the Year

New York:
Alan Goldberg:  Grandmaster of the Year
Rhon Mizrachi:  Krav Maga Instructor of the Year
Richard Sinclair Sr.:  Grandmaster
William Scott:  Humanitarian
Peter Ticali:  Grandmaster of the Year
Lou Zucarro:  Founder

North Carolina:
Ronnie C. Armstrong:  Outstanding Martial Artist
Jessie Bowen:  Grandmaster of the Year
Deborah Taylor Knieper:  Instructor
Jeanne Lynn McBride:  Humanitarian
Kathy Olevsky:  Female Master Instructor
Rob Olevsky:  Grandmaster
Elizabeth Plymell: Instructor
Johnny Ray Shores:  Man of the Year
Kimberly Rock:  Weapons Instructor of the Year
Carole Warnecki:  Female Competitor
Diane Whitfield:  Instructor of the Year

Russ C. Cambarare:  Law Enforcement Instructor
Willard E. Cox:  Master Instructor
John K. Fogt:  Male Competitor
Sharon R. Kiley:  Female Instructor of the Year
Patricia McCormack:  Female Law Enforcement Instructor
Joseph Phillips:  Master Instructor
Doug Yates:  Master

Wayne Franklin Hall:  Master Instructor of the Year
Carter Hargrave:  Grandmaster of the Year
Michael "Tony" Mason:  Master
Rick McCollister:  Instructor of the Year
Tony Mondejar:  Most Distinguished Grandmaster
Truc Q. Nguyen:  Outstanding Martial Artist
Scott Pace:  Personal Trainer of the Year
David George Scott:  Master Instructor
Allen Little Sun:  Native American Master Instructor of the Year
Michael To:  Outstanding Martial Artist
Rick Trumbly:  Grandmaster of the Year

Ronald J. Kettering:  Founder Certified Martial Arts Therapy Program
Richard M. Way:  Instructor of the Year

Michael Caruso:  Sr. Master Instructor of the Year
John Herr:  Master Instructor
Jack R. Medaris:  Instructor of the Year

South Dakota:
Corbin LeBeau:  Instructor of the Year

Al Holcomb:  Master
Christopher T. CMcMahan:  Master
Wayne Walczak:  Silver Life Award

Butch J. Alish-Tesen:  Instructor of the Year
Raymond Bonilla:  Instructor
Larry G. Brooks:  Outstanding Martial Artist
Darrell Cain:  Master
Andrew Connelly:  Master
Silverio Guerra:  Martial Arts Living Legend
Matthew Harris:  Master Instructor
Randy N. Leatherwood:  Master Competitor of the Year
Dennis B. Lemoine:  Instructor
Michel R. Leroux:  Instructor
Randy Powers:  Instructor of the Year
Daryl Stewart:  Master Instructor
Maurice Udell:  Man of the Year
Rodney Williams:  Instructor

Ron Treem:  Master

Jeff Bateman:  Master Competitor of the Year
R.J. Oak:  Instructor of the Year
Robert Maldonado:  Instructor
Robert M. Rivers:  Instructor
Steven Jimerfield:  Master Instructor of the Year
Russell McCartney:  Founder

Jill Vulcano Reed:  Tai Chi Instructor of the Year

West Virginia:
Robert F. Edwards:  Most Distinguished Grandmaster
Richard A. Haynes:  Master Instructor of the Year

Bernie Fritz:  Master Instructor of the Year
Rick Olstad:  Silver Life Award
Mark E. Talkington:  Outstanding Martial Artist
Dick Thompson:  Silver Life Award


Ronald Cotnam:  Canadian Instructor of the Year
Art Mason:  Master

Charlemagne Tertulien:  International Instructor of the Year

Neeraj Sarma:  Martial Artist of the Year

Hamid Reza Aminedolleh:  International Instructor of the Year
Nasrin Varshochi:  International Female Instructor of the Year

Carlo G. Laserna:  Philippine Martial Artist of the Year

Puerto Rico:
Carlos A. Diaz:  Grandmaster of the Year
Ricky Rojas:  Outstanding International Martial Artist

Saudi Arabia:
Ali As-Atiq:  International Instructor of the Year

United Kingdom:
Paul Bowman:  Master Instructor

West Indies:
Sarwan Boodram:  International Master Instructor of the Year

Josip Ivanji:  International Instructor of the Year


Sean Chalfante:  Jr. Martial Artist of the Year
Adam Gushgari:  Jr. Martial Arts Leader
Nicholas Marek:  Student of the Year

Michael Bond:  Jr. Competitor of the Year
Jayne Anne Burdick:  Jr. Assistant Instructor
Jake Cale:  Jr. Instructor
Tim Marshall:  Jr. Black Belt of the Year

Katie Reynolds:  Jr. Competitor of the Year
David L. Valencia:  Jr. Martial Artist of the Year

Tammy Rubright:  Jr. Competitor

Ryan T. Martian:  Jr. Black Belt of the Year

Dustin Hill:  Jr. Martial Artist

North Carolina:
Sheena Berry:  Jr. Competitor of the Year
Mark Burkenbine:  Jr. Outstanding Martial Artist

Stephanie Alane Conner:  Jr. Martial Artist of the Year
David "Bud" Hardin II:  Jr. Black Belt of the Year
Alex Lin:  Most Improved Jr. Martial Artist

South Dakota:
Jordyn Brown:  Jr. Native American Martial Artist

Jacob Patton:  Jr. Instructor

Michael Pena: Jr. Instructor

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