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The United States Martial Arts Association (USMAA) is a non-profit organization first incorporated in 1995. To avoid the destructive effects of politics, the USMAA, like most not for profit corporations, has a permanent Governing Board, which guides the policies of the USMAA.

The mission of the USMAA is to unify American Martial Arts in spirit by offering services and guidance to all Martial Artists. These services include:

  • A national and international seminar program to provide expert instruction in the Martial Arts to all our members.
  • Fair promotion systems for all Martial Arts, which is open and known to all.
  • The finest Junior and Senior National Martial Arts and Law Enforcement Defensive Tactics Training Camp in the country.
  • The most beautiful Life Membership and promotion certificates in the industry.
  • The support of coaches and athletes who aspire to national and international excellence.
  • The finest Martial Arts website in the world
  • Our outstanding Martial Arts website: WWW.MARARTS.ORG

The USMAA has published a series of books and videos on the Martial Arts, created by O-Sensei Phil Porter and other experts. These include the "The 65 Throws of Kodokan Judo."

With more than 10,000 members, the USMAA is the center of American Martial Arts. It is the only organization devoted to all Martial Arts without exception. We are the rallying point for all leaders, whatever their arts, who are devoted to the true spirit of the Martial Arts and who wish the progress and prestige of the Martial Arts to continue to grow.

USMA Structure
Volunteer workers run the USMAA. The USMAA is not a political group. A permanent three person Board of Governors governs the USMAA. The Board consists of: Dr. Michael Makoid, Mr. Steven Jimerfield, and Mr. Ronald Treem. All governors serve without pay. The USMAA has several Boards of Directors including Martial Arts Style planning and examinations, Administrative, and Regional Development Directors. To view the USMAA Organization information:[Click Here]

USMAA Background
The Founder of the USMAA was O-Sensei Phil Porter, 10th Dan in several Martial Arts and the most successful coach in US Judo history. His biography may be viewed [Here]

USMAA Progress
In its first 15 years the USMAA grew to over 1,000 clubs, over 10,000 Life Members. The association represents hundreds of different Martial Arts. Further information, DVDs, videos and books may be obtained by contacting the USMAA at the mailing address or email address below.

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