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USMAA Martial Arts Development Standards

This page focuses on presenting standards and guidelines for martial arts grades. The USMAA has always advocated fair ranks based on published standards. Our members present a wide variety of martial arts styles. All sensei are responsible to rank their students fairly in accordance with the system of martial arts they teach. The standards presented by the association should be used as a guideline. The USMAA grading standard should be viewed as a service to all members. Consistency in expectations and ranking criteria within the association is good for us all. There are exceptional students that make rank faster than others, and students that take longer than others to prepare for their next promotion. Learning and excelling in the arts is not a race. Some martial artists through hard work and dedication become leaders. When a senior martial artist is recognized by peers as an examplary teacher they may be honored with high rank and an honorific title. The guidelines presented below are consistent with time honored fair ranking standards. Some will excel early while others will never reach the senior ranks. Who you are is just as important as your martial skills. If you choose martial arts as a way of self development practice the philosophy and be honorable. Remember you represent all the masters that traveled this path.

The USMAA leaders will make every effort to be fair and flexible in providing opportunities for growth of all members. Each martial artist is responsible for their personal growth in mind, body, and spirit. We all must present ourselves to the world in a way that honors our heritage as martial artists. Each of us must live up to our full potential and practice our own understanding of virtue on and off the mat. Be courteous to each other and respectful of all. Train with focus and awareness. Always be open to learning. Hone your martial skills that you can teach others that shall follow. Be an example of courage, humility, and thoughtfulness so you honor the teachers that have come before you.

Please review the attached equivalancy chart and accept it as a guideline in support of fair ranking and a shared standard of the association.

Click here to open the PDF: USMAA Rank Equivalancy Standard

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