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Due to the size of some messages , we may offer them in PDF format for easier reading. You'll need a PDF reader or Adobe Reader installed on your computer to view them. Adobe Reader is available free by clicking the link below.

Directors Message Board

The association has developed numerous boards and committees to provide services to the members. The Directors are dedicated martial artists that are volunteering their personal time to serve the membership. Our leaders have decades of martial arts experience and bring a wealth of knowledge to share. Check this page often for new updates!

There have been numerous changes to the USMAA over the past several months. If you would like to see the new organization charts, a message from the USMAA President about the transition, and a map of the USA Regions please review the New Organization Page.

New information from the USMAA Headquarters: [click here]

Please view the following messages if you're interested in the latest information concerning Karateka.

New information from the Directors:

• New Message from the Karate-Do Director
[click here]

• New Message from the Karate-Do Examiners Board [click here]

We have put together a few ideas concerning preparation for a training camp or seminar. The new Board of Governors, Style Directors, and Regional Directors presents an opportunity for Sensei to increase the interactions with the USMAA leaders and the member USMAA clubs. We'd like all our Sensei to review the document. If you're considering joining the USMAA take a look and consider the effort the association is making to provide services to our member clubs. To review the Seminar Planning document [click here].

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