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National Board of Karate-Do Examiners

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Board of Karate-Do Examiners

Ron Treem, Hachidan
Larry Hamby, Kudan
Mike Murphy, Hachidan
Tom Flynn, Rokudan

Board Duties
• Develop the criteria and curriculum for promotional requirements
• Develop goals and objectives to strengthen the Karate-Do Division
• Develop standards for Karate-Do instruction providing continuity within the USMAA Karate-Do   Division.

National Karate-Do Planning Committee

The planning committee is comprised of the Karate-Do Division Director, the National Board of Examiners, and Member Representatives (to be appointed).

Nominations for Member Representatives are currently open. Members can send nominations to Ron Treem, Karate-Do Division Director, at lonsan@hotmail.com or Kar@mararts.org

All nominations will be approved by the Board of Examiners.

Committee Duties
• Help guide the Karate-Do Division in its activities within the USMAA.
• Develop plans for Regional Seminars, Regional Tournaments, and National Training Camp   Karate-Do activities.
• Develop plans for an Annual Karate-Do Tournament during the Annual Training Camp in 2013.
• Develop plans to implement World Karate Federation (formerly WUKO) tournament rules and   guidelines for officials and competitors.

The diversity of the USMAA are likely to result in modifications to the WKF rules. The intent is to provide fair and well controlled Karate-Do competition. Rules such as dress and lists of kata will be reviewed and adjusted to meet the needs of our members. It's important to implement standards so all tournament officials are operating within the same guidelines. Comments or questions can be sent to Ron Treem at the e-mail address above.

Ron Treem, Director
Karate-Do Division

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