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Dedication. There is no way we can adequately express our appreciation to the leaders and to the many members they have already registered with our Association. We dedicate this directory, and the future of our USMA, to them. Rising above politics, doubt and uncertainty, they have expressed their deep belief in the ideals of American Martial Arts. They have gone on the record in support of our USMA leadership. Recoiling from moral corruption, they have stuck to their guns with loyalty and love. They have set the example to all. They have inspired our USMA national leaders, and have insured the survival of the moral principles of the Martial Arts as we have known and practiced them for over 50 years. Their courage and loyalty is a constant inspiration to us. That is all we need, under God, to carry on.

This is only the beginning! We have formed a Grand Alliance with many Martial Arts clubs and organizations. This is the first time in American Martial Arts history that any organization has offered services and benefits to the entire American Martial Arts industry. Demographic studies show that there are 50,000 Martial Arts schools in America, with at least 25 million participants. We are a great and growing industry.

Our USMA is growing steadily. In fact, we have outpaced the growth of any other organization we are aware of! We have grown 400% faster than the largest Judo organization in the country. This incredible growth has been achieved because of YOUR dedication and loyalty. No matter how large we grow, these first leaders, these precious few, will always have a special place in our hearts.


Note: In order to include a Martial Arts Club in this listing, the person in charge of the club (Owner, Master, Instructor, Coach, Sensei, Sifu, Shihan, Kyoshi, Mestre, etc.) must be an Instructor Certified by the USMA.

Clubs in the United States

Clubs outside the United States

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If your school is a member of the USMA and doesn't appear in our list please contact Director Makoid at the USMA National Office.

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